A Natural Enzymatic System

Undesirable microbial development is not a problem exclusive to humans.  Nature has had to deal with it in countless circumstances.  It is not surprising then that through the millennia, evolutionary processes have yielded some of the safest, most ingenious and efficient antimicrobial systems known to man.

One of these systems, probably the safest and most efficient of all, can now being replicated and added to food processing chains with astonishing results. Commercialized under the generic name SEA-i®, BIENCA has developed a series of natural, GMO free enzymatic systems that will not only protect food from microbial spoilage with unprecedented effectiveness, but will also enable projects that seemed impossible before. 
Microorganisms become incapable of multiplying, absorbing nutrients or releasing metabolites

Produced by living organisms to function as catalysts, enzymes are natural proteins capable of modifying and increasing the rate of a biochemical reaction very quickly and accurately. When added to a food product, SEA-i® enzymes bring about a series of reactions that render microorganisms incapable of multiplying, absorbing nutrients or releasing metabolites.  The result of this natural process is the dramatically improved shelf life of the product without the use of artificial additives and without altering its flavor. Only SEA-i® can accomplish this level of protection without resorting to foul-tasting, artificial alternatives.

Range of Products

Bienca has developed a range of products that allows you to optimize results based on your specific objectives and process parameters.