About Bienca


We provide natural enzymatic solutions to protect food products against undesirable microbial development in order to improve food safety and food quality.

Customers and Products

Bienca’s customers are the world’s food industries. Bienca has developed a range of products that are natural solutions to microbial spoilage based on a specific enzymatic system. This system is a powerful natural defense system against a wide range of microorganisms such as bacteria (gram + and gram -), yeasts, moulds and viruses. These products are marketed under the brand name SEA-i®


Bienca is a Research and Development driven organization. We invest in a continuous expansion of our knowledge of our systems to improve their characteristics. This allows us to develop new solutions and to achieve optimal anti-microbial activity in the targeted applications. This work is done in close collaboration with universities and research institutes world wide under the guidance of a scientific committee.
Bienca produces its systems in an integrated manner at two facilities in Belgium in full accordance with strict quality requirements. These facilities are BRC certified.
Bienca commercializes its solutions through a global network of specialized food ingredient distributors. These distributors are supported by our own team of highly qualified market developers that provide commercial assistance and technical support.


Bienca is a privately-owned European company. ING and Vesalius Biocapital Partners are its reference shareholders.