Friendly Labels

SEA-i® can help lift your products above the rest in that, having been recognized as “processing aids” by the CODEX Alimentarius (FAO/WHO), and as “incidental additive” by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and its components its use is, in most cases, entirely exempt from labeling.

A fresh cheese manufacturer in Brazil told us how SEA-i® fitted into his company’s new friendly label strategy:

“The day my 8-year-old daughter started reading the labels of the products I brought home, I realized that my company had over the years developed products with increasingly large and complex ingredient lists. That day I decided to turn the page and pursue a clean label. SEA-i® fits right into this strategy. Today we put products on the market with understandable ingredients”.

If you would like to learn more about creating friendlier labels with SEA-i®, please click here.

Range of Products

Bienca has developed a range of products that allows you to optimize results based on your specific objectives and process parameters.