Improved Shelf Life and Freshness

Unwanted microbial proliferation in food leads first to deterioration, later to spoilage by decay. This is why the shelf life of a product does not necessarily equate to its freshness, and cannot be determined by assessing the time to spoilage alone. It is equally important to consider the gradual deterioration in looks, smell, texture and taste that occurs long before spoilage.

SEA-i® is effective at both stages: it will extend the shelf life of food as well as protect its freshness for longer.

SEA-i® is both a bacteriostatic agent and a bactericide

The reason for this versatility is that, while chemical and antibiotic-like preservatives can only imitate the stationary phase by pre-polluting the food, SEA-i® can act not only as a bacteriostatic agent that will inhibit microbial growth and metabolite production, but also as a bactericide.

Only SEA-i® can grant you the logistics and productivity benefits of a naturally improved shelf life without the drawbacks of chemical and/or antibiotic-like preservatives.

Sea-i freshness

Range of Products

Bienca has developed a range of products that allows you to optimize results based on your specific objectives and process parameters.